Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer- beautiful creamy texture that blends seamlessly into the skin. I used the lightest shade, even though I do not have very pale skin it blended well with my natural skin tone while lifting my natural colouring without ashyness which I look for in a foundation/tinted moisturizer
Napoleon Perdis Ultimate Nude PaletteI don’t often get pallettes simply because the shades are normally very small or very over priced for what you get. I would gladly pay the full retail price of $79 for this. Its such a beautiful range of tones perfect for a fair to tan skin tone, its very multi use also with shades that can be used for foundation setting, contouring and highlighting. I also used the darkest ashy brown to fill in my brows.
Mac Superb skinfinishI used this tone to blend the peak of my cheekbone into my contouring and it really provided a smooth metallic glisten to my skin which I love.
Smashbox dusty rose airblushI used this just on the apple of my cheek to help blend out my natural high colour, a very pretty subtle rose blush for people without high colour.
Smashbox waterproof shadow linerThe crayon itself is creamy and glides on like a dream, the provided blending sponge however is fucking awful as they tend to be. Being a waterproof crayon it can start to set quite fast which makes blending difficult. also why is the blending sponge pointed. like… its a blending sponge you want something as round and fluffy as possible. idiots. However the sparkle in the crayon redeems this product. absolutely beutiful finish
Bobbi brown powder pearl shadow in pearl blacklets start with the positives, amazing colour, amazing pigmentation, the shimmer in this is beautiful but the packaging is probably the most annoying thing ever. The sponge applicator is fucking annoying as hell and picks up far too much product, this led to me having black eyeshadow ALL OVER MY FACE (i had to remove and re-apply my base). I ended up having to resort to dabbing my shadow brush onto the sponge applicator thus losing half of my product to the floor. Serious re-think in packaging required unless you want to work over a piece of news paper and recycle your eyeshadow. or you could use shadow shields
MAC how to marry eyeshadow (Marilyn collection)strongly pigmented highly shimmery white which I used as a brow highlight and inner corner highlight. The only con with this product is perhaps the fact that it is slightly waxy feeling whereas I prefer a more dusty eyeshadow but thats really not an important factor
napoleon perdis front row red lip glossprobably the most deceiving product name in history, its called a lip gloss but in actual fact this lip colour is about as matte as you will find. the fact that it is so EXTREMELY matte is kind of amazing because its so flat on and i think thats a great achievement but boy does this shit dry you out. and it feels like you are wearing chalk or like… facepaint on your lips. Also dries very fast so the application can be a bit patchy. The applicator is super nice though and the colour is my favourite thing ever
Smashbox brightening lip gloss in whiteit says white but its almost clear, it blends with the lipstick you are wearing to create a brightening gloss texture. Drawbacks include not being able to double dip. I accidentally did and now 1/4 of the bottle is slightly pink. This is  even more of a pain in the ass because not a lot of product comes out on the applicator so its definately a go from the bottle to your hand at least 5 times then  you will have enough to pick up with your brush. Best suited for subtle gloss looks. 
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